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Fox Theatre Video Ticket

We'd like to make a video about the 1929 Wurlitzer organ found at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri. This organ is one of the largest models Wurlitzer ever made. There were five of these instruments, and this one is the only one still playing in its original location. However, making videos at the Fox is a bit tricky. The schedule is only clear for our crew to be in on certain days, so our last shooting opportunity for several months is approaching. Also, working at the Fox requires hiring a union stagehand to assist with electrical needs. Here near the end of the year, we don't really have any excess funds to make this happen, so we're hoping you'll help us out. We're selling "tickets" to help get this video made. For just $5 US, you'll be helping offset the costs of producing this video.

In return, you'll get first access to the completed video before it's released publicly. Video from inside the organ chambers has already been shot, so we'll be releasing a video featuring all of that content (most likely more than will end up in the final video) and releasing it only to ticket holders before the main video is even shot. So click the Buy Now link below to purchase your ticket. You can buy as many $5 tickets as you would like, and your contributions can be tax deductible!

A $5 donation in the form of a ticket purchase below will help us document this historic and unique instrument!

All proceeds go toward covering expenses involved in recording and producing this video. Thank you for your support. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get updates and see new videos as they are released!